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So when people started taking pictures of women eating on the tube, it was ‘OH NO YOU CAN’T TAKE PICTURES OF RANDOM WOMEN AND THEN POST THEM ONLINE, THIS IS A BREACH OF PRIVACY’, but now the idiotic fashion of posting pictures of men with their legs spread out on the tube comes up and everyone’s like ‘HELL YEAH FEMINISM’.

Yeah, because it’s so busy on the train in most of the pictures, and I bet how much harm it caused to the public that the men are sitting in that position. It should be about men making women sitting next to them feel uncomfortable and etc, and I have no issue with that. But COME ON - most of those pictures are so obviously making a big deal out of nothing.

You know what? I’d rather have women not put piles of their Primark bags on the Central line when I am going home. 


Link 24 Aug Tales of a Video Editor»

So I made this blog with memes about video editing, and it’s a good way to lay off some steam. Check it out and give it a follow if you don’t mind, but yeah… that’s all for now, I guess.

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Ugh, why aren’t there english subtitles on the second season of snowboardlandslaget?


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KingsTV is a King’s College London student TV station and today we covered the Gaza crisis protest in London which had an estimated 100,000 attendees. 

via GiedrePost.
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Torstein Horgmo


Torstein Horgmo

(Source: euphiouri)

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

Avoid life then, more like it


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

Avoid life then, more like it

Photo 31 Mar
Photo 31 Mar
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The Musketeers on set part 2 (part 1)


I would pay to be behind the scenes of this

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On 25th of March, King’s College London Students’ Union held the Student General Meeting during which the BDS Movement motion was passed. This is Sebastiaan Debrouwere’s speech against the motion.

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